University Academy of Hair Design makes admissions decisions based on each applicant’s interest and ability. University Academy of Hair Design does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, color, ethnic origin, religion, creed, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or membership in other protected groups. A prospect who wishes to enroll must go through the following admissions process:

• Complete and submit the enrollment application
• Tour the institution (optional)
• Submit a copy of valid high school diploma, GED, or transcript showing graduation or course completion
• Submit transcripts from other previously-attended post-secondary cosmetology training schools (if applicable)
• Submit a copy of valid driver’s license, birth certificate, or government issued ID
• Submit a copy of Social Security Card
• Instructors program requires manager licenses from the Alabama Board of Cosmetology.

Students are responsible for securing and maintaining the appropriate student license required by their state.

Students who have a homeschool or online diploma will need to provide both the diploma and an official transcript.

University Academy of Hair Design may refuse admission to an applicant if any of the above requirements are not met. University Academy of Hair Design Makes decisions about whether to accept transfer hours on an individual basis and may or may not give an applicant credit for hours earned at another institution. In order to enroll and receive credit for hours, transfer students must ensure all state-required paperwork has been completed.

Transfer Students General Requirements
• University Academy of Hair Design accepts transfer students. But, reserves the right to deny transfer hours from another institution for any reason.
• Student must provide an official transcript prior to enrollment, including detailed practical/service requirements completed. Students must also complete any state-specific forms or requirements prior to enrollment.
• In some states, students must settle financial obligations with previous schools and/or meet additional state requirements for transfer student prior to enrolling.
• Transfers must be fully processed before a student can enroll.
• University Academy of Hair design will only accept hours earned within (1) year of the last date attended.
• Transfers can test out of classes after the transfer is fully processed (this means the transcripts have been received by University Academy of Hair Design and processed).
o Ideally, transfers will test out before starting.
• Transfer students will get credit for exams taken and passed at another school that, based on a review of the student’s transcript, clearly cover the same topic as a University Academy of Hair Design written exam, provided the student scored at least 70% on such exam.
• A transfer student may be required to purchase (at additional cost) any equipment, textbooks, uniforms, etc. required by University Academy of Hair Design.

Test-out Overview
• Only students with processed transcripts are eligible for test-out.
• Up to sixteen (16) hours with mannequin
• For students transferring less than 500 hours
o One-length Haircut
o Classic Bob Haircut
o Graduated Bob Haircut
o Short round layer Haircut
o Clipper Cut
o Standard Foiling (Full Head)
o Color One Process (Full Head)
o Color Retouch (Full Head)

• For students transferring less than 1000 hours
o Must complete testing for students transferring less than 500 hours
o Basic roller setting
o Facials
o Braid of Choice
o Perm (9 section and spiral wrap)

University Academy of Hair Design reserves the right to deny a transfer request for any reason including but not limited to attendance or academic performance.

University Academy of Hair Design has not made and will not make any guarantees of employment or salary upon graduation. University Academy of Hair Design actively works to establish relationship with local potential employers and to provide students access to and information about these potential employers through special speakers. In addition, University Academy of Hair Design offers resume writing resources and provides students with access to employment opportunities through salon representatives.

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