Financial Aid


The University Academy of Hair Design office of Financial Aid is committed to providing financial resources to all students who would otherwise be unable to pursue the attainment of their educational and professional goals.

The purpose of this document is to comply with the Federal Department of Education’s requirement for a policy and procedure manual. The manual will be available to each student upon enrollment.
Communicate with our students clearly and frequently. Provide efficient and effective access through personalized service and the use of creative, innovative employees who communicate with empathy, compassion and respect. Value and take care of our employees and recognize and reward their work and contributions.

Coordinate the administration of all students financial assistance awarded to ensure equity and consistency in the delivery of funds to students and make the most efficient use of funds available.


University Academy of Hair Design provides a variety of programs to assist students who have financial need.

University Academy of Hair Design believes it is the primary responsibility of the student and his/her family to meet the costs of education. University Academy of Hair Design also recognizes that economic circumstances may require the student to seek additional assistance from other sources. When family resources do not meet the total cost of attending the institution, a financial need is established. The total cost of attending University Academy of Hair Design includes tuition and all fees, books and supplies, personal expenses, and allowable transportation costs.


Financial need is computed by a standard need analysis system using confidential information submitted by the parents or the self-supporting student. The analysis of family’s financial strength includes consideration of current family income, assets, family size, and number of children in college and any other factors that seriously alter a family’s financial strength. Federal aid programs, state aid programs, and many college programs do not permit aid awards that exceed the computed need. Information on all other sources of aid the student receives must be provided to the Financial Aid Office. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the need analysis accepted at University Academy of Hair Design. Apply at

Applications for financial aid are not required to enroll. However, the student must be enrolled and complying with all satisfactory progress requirements before disbursements are made.

Transfer students from other colleges should have a transcript and an admission application on file at the time of application for financial assistance. This is important in that it will prevent this institution from paying a student whose file is not complete at the time of registration.